My Philosophy

"I think of making my textiles like crafting a wonderful meal, with lots of care and attention to details."

Turning 40 brought me into a new way of thinking. I had been designing and creating kids products, books and dollhouses, for the past 8 years, and as my kids grew, I knew that I always wanted to turn my attention to home goods. I started sewing when I was 10 years old, initially making things for my bedroom, designing and re-arranging my room over and over again, as I grew so did my obsession. As an adult I started renovating my homes with my husband (a practicing architect) and always found myself back at my sewing machine hand crafting curtains, and quilts. I am formally trained as an architect and went on to study graphic design in graduate school, both degrees leading me to create graphically designed goods for the home, mainly because I am obsessed with both. ;)

After finishing my undergraduate degree I lived in Italy for a short time. It was living there that I learned many things: 1.) that food matters, I learned to cook local foods from ingredients I could grow in my backyard. 2.) I learned to love textiles and paper goods and the feel of quality 3.) how when you live intentionally (and in a small home) you use and love the goods you purchase 4.) I learned to love the local marketplace. --Having grown up in suburban Texas and shopping primarily at discount stores, my time in Italy was the complete opposite, I came to love the act of buying products outside at booths from local vendors. Each vendor making a living, making and selling their wares. I am, intentionally, a micro-batch manufacturer of all of the textiles and goods on my site. I don't want to be "huge" I  want to create the products in my shop, so I design each item, thinking about you, the person who will use what I make. 

On a side note, I most recently became obsessed with the show "Chef's Table" and am always inspired by the stories of the chef's and why they create the food they do. All of the food is carefully crafted to create an experience of eating a meal that is memorable. I see what I do in the same way. I want to love everything in my home, I do not like to collect things that are cheap or poor quality, so I make with that in mind. As the designer and maker, I care about every item I make. If you are not happy with it, I want to know! Just send me an email and I am happy to take it back, no questions asked.

Just know that I revel in the imperfections, since each piece is hand printed, it is a sign that my hands created it (think of it as a signature). READ MORE HERE You can also follow my design blog, for ideas for your home and follow some of my renovations. 
All the best,