Dollhouse FAQ

Dollhouse FAQs

Are you super excited about Lille huset but still have a few questions? Well let me help you a bit…

How will my house come? Your house comes flat and it super easy to put together. It was designed for a child 5 and up to be able to assemble it.

Does it come with anything? Yes, each house comes with a paper doll and several paper decor cut outs so your little designer can get crafting right away. The product was designed to be hands on and drawn on so let your kids go crazy, it is the one dollhouse that is meant to be drawn on.

I saw they are made of paper, are they durable? YES, our houses are super durable and will last a long long time as long as your child does not pour water on it. As a designer and mom I wanted to make it from durable chipboard that is the same as many floor puzzles made for toddlers.

My daughter is gentle and I think will love it but she has a little brother that I’m afraid will destroy it? I have to say in the 3 years since bringing my houses to market and taking them to numerous trade shows, and tested them with hundreds of kids, I have only one time experienced a child who was like a toronado, ha! He mangaged to mess up the display but the house was still in perfect condition. I have found that kids don’t think about destroying houses as their first instinct. I have watched boys and girls alike play in the same way by immediately taking the people and playing pretend.

Why is your product better than other dollhouses? What I have found is that because my houses are a craft and not marketed as a toy, kids immediately get lost in imaginative play making their houses anything they want them to be. I wrote a post a while back about how my dollhouses are NOT dollhouses because they engage the imagination in a new way.

Why did you design them? I designed them because when I was in architecture school, I would find myself designing buildings, and through this process we were required to make physical models. When you allow yourself to craft a tiny thing, you find yourself lost in a fantasy world, opening up things that may or may not work in reality. It is in this imaginative place that I loved imagining a world that could exist. I created Lille huset to engage children in this same way and give them the freedom to create things in their home that they always wanted.

Can you change the layout of the house? No, they come with rooms as a traditional house would but it is in those rooms that kids get to decide what their room looks like and want the kitchen looks like. Kids love giving me video tours of their houses and when I see kids at markets who love Lille huset, they want me to see what they made. It amazes me how creative kids are compared to adults.

What ages do you recommend? For our paper crafting line, I recomend 4-99, but they have been tested for as young as 3. The wood crafting is more for 10+

What if I am unhappy with my purchase? I want you to be thrilled and elated when you open up your house so if you or your child is not satisfied, I will take it back no questions asked! I love my customers and want you to love your Lille huset.

how are your products made? Our paper houses are proudly manufactured in a factory in the mid west. Our other products are designed made in our studio in Austin, Texas. We work with partners near and far to help realize our designs.