Why Wildflowers?

As I mentioned in my statement on my home page, all of my products and collections have a story. So you might be thinking, why wildflowers? Well, my wildflower story dates back to undergrad when I was studying architecture. One of my favorite projects was to imagine a new outpost of Ladybird Johnson wildflower center in Texas. I would show you photos of my design but it was 20 years ago now, and those images are on some backup drive that I am not sure I would ever be able to locate. But, I can tell you that my design and research led me to create a building that was an extension of the prairie, with a green roof for wildflower plantings. I came to learn that wildflowers, although some people find them ugly, are native to not only Texas but also most of USA. I also came to learn, that wildflowers have roots that restore the soil and provide essential habitats for native animals and bees. I was so impacted by this concept that my first internship was with Overland Partners of San Antonio, the architects of the Wildflower center here in Austin. I learned from that experience just how valuable the designers relationship is to the environment, and to creating spaces and stories around the love of our natural habitats.


Skip ahead several years, when I landed in Chicago, a city that not unlike Austin, grows amazing wildflowers naturally. As an adult with my own home, I realized that each home can do a little part to help restore our natural systems. I took my tiny plot of land and started creating a wildflower and native plants garden. Throughout the city, you would also find abandoned lots where the earth was stripped of all nutrients. I came to discover and learn about seed bombing, which is basically people making mud balls with wildflower seeds and throwing them onto abandoned lots. Being back in Austin, a city that is rapidly growing, I have also found the need here to continue the trend. My spring collection is created in dedication to mother earth and the spread of the story that we can all do something, even as small as planting a little seed (just be careful, one of the little seeds I planted became HUGE, ha!!)


Matt, my husband, with our crazy big wildflowers


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