The Art of the Quilt

As I have been working on my new fabrics and prints, I had the overwhelming desire to put it all together as a series of quilts. First of all, I love blankets, I and my family can't get enough of them. My grandmother was a huge quilter and at her funeral a few years ago, her quilts adorned the tables at the reception. There is something about a blanket that has been lovingly made and carefully crafted to make you feel extra loved. My quilting experience is very limited but I made some quilts for my kids when they were little and to this day they are both very attached to them. Fast forward ten years and here I am, with piles of fabric and a message of home and the desire to make some quilts. 

Most of the fabrics I have been printing on are linen or linen blends, which both work for quilting. Like most projects, I started on pinterest looking for ideas of what to do with my new fabric and passion for making more. I found a great patchwork quilt by chomp studio and knew that my first quilt should be in this style and tradition. I noticed how Dana Fehsenfeld was also exploring hand printed fabric and I love her designs and how she puts everything together. From there I needed an order and inspiration for how I would put my designs together. I spent a long time moving swatches around the floor of my living room trying to arrive at the right order. I use my phone to take pictures of the arrangements and then study them all together. It was in looking at my photos that I swiped over to my tea towels. I have them arranged in my studio in an order of color and this is what has inspired my color choices, so the decision was made, I would arrange my quilt in order of color. 

I am pretty happy with how it turned out and was so inspired that I made a second one. I am now completely addicted and have more rolling around in my brain. 

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