NYC with the Kids

When I go to NYC to do trade shows, occasionally my kids and husband will join me. Having gone on a regular basis for the past several years, I had a chance to ask friends who live there what to do with the kids and where to stay. We love airbnb and use it as often as we can when traveling with the kids. I personally hate spending money on things like breakfast, when the kids just want a bowl of cereal, and even having a fridge for snacks and what not is a huge convenience. I also don't like staying in hotels for extended periods of time and like experiencing a city we don't live in like people who do. For our week long trip to NYC several years ago we opted to stay in Park Slope, Booklyn. Although I love Manhattan, I also like to slow down at the end of the day and this was the perfect place to stay with a the MTA a block away, a grocery store around the corner, great restaurants, and the amazing Prospect Park.  


We started out our trip by checking out the great indie shops and goodies in our hood

Of course no trip is complete without going across the Brooklyn Bridge. We love walking around the city with the kids, we try to use public transit as much as possible and in NYC it is so easy to get around.

 You of course need to hit the Museum of Natural History so the kids can see all of the amazing animals. Our kids absolutely loved it!

 My favorite thing about NY is that wherever you are there is likely something going on, a public art installation, music, amazing shops etc... We like to plan our days by hitting parks along the way. We have found that if the kids have to walk too long without a "fun" thing to do they get bored. We headed to Madison Square Park to grab lunch at the shake shack and to let the kids play, who knew we would be there for hours!   

Victorian Gardens is a super cute amusement park in the middle of Central Park, it is pretty affordable and something you can do for about half a day. After that the kids can just run around the park, it's always good to keep them moving and an amusement park is the best prize at the end of a long walk.   No trip is complete without heading to Times Square so the kids can be completely in heaven and completely over stimulated all at the same time! You can also grab your souvenirs while you are there...   

 The High Line park is one of my favorite things to do in Manhattan and your kids will love it too. The best part about the park is that you can exit the park in different places and grab some food. You can also buy food and there are water fountains on the High Line but only in certain areas.  Once place I love to go to shop and walk around is Soho, I love the stores and it is so easy to find a great place to eat anywhere. And yes, heading back on the train at the end of a long day! Exhaused...

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