Pinning Stuff Up

As a designer, I love to show people how I'm doing things behind the scenes. I started my new home line about a year ago, but at the time it was all in my brain and had not started to form into anything physical yet. I knew I wanted to grow my brand, and concept but was nervous about doing so for fear people would think I was abandoning my little houses. In fact, the houses were actually a result of some of my previous kids books and now my home line is a result of my little houses. As a creative person, I have found that my driving force is the same no matter what the outcome and it is what keeps me making. 

When I started developing my "Seed Bomb" collection, I did a pin up wall to see if everything would come together based on color and patters that I was developing. I have since narrowed it down even more but am still inspired by this collage. 

Rest assured, my houses are here to stay and in fact, I'm excited about adding new patterns and designs to them. I am simply inspired to expand my line into a new medium that I have always loved. 

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