Cocktail Napkins

So, like many of you, my week is starting on Tuesday because my kids were off school yesterday for the holiday. Since I am working on this order for some independent shops, I thought I'd also make a post for you about making them. I decided to make "craft cocktail" napkins last winter when I was thinking of things I'd love to have at my house. Matt, my husband, is into making craft cocktails, and I am into drinking them ;). That being said, I had to do some research on how big to make them. I made mine from 13x13" cut fabric that I could then print on. After printing, I sew them with a 1/4" edge all the way around making them 8x8" square. I like to have extra after printing in case some of my prints are uneven.

freshly printed 100% linen

My piles of napkins ready to be packaged



I even like using them for as a quick breakfast napkin too. I think I'll take on making some lunch sized napkins in the future!


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