Why Kitchen Towels?

So when I decided to branch out into creating home textiles, I spent some time doing research. I looked at my own habits and that of other people. I also turned to the queen of home, Martha Stewart with her book: Martha Stewarts Home Keeping Book. I was actually curious about materials and why and how to have nice textiles in my home. I decided to start with kitchen towels because they are something I use like crazy. Recently at the shows I've been doing, I have gotten questions about tea towels in general. I have even heard from some of the younger generation that they had not invested in any linens and just use paper towels, which honestly, are a lot bigger hassle and they create garbage. 

My search for sourcing the right kitchen towels was on. I started with research, etsy the internet and landed on flour sack (100% cotton), a linen cotton blend, and 100% linen. First of all, tea towels are not the same as bar mops (terry cloth, which has the loops and is uber absorbent) is for wiping messes and then washing in the sink right away. They generally stay wet and I switch them out multiple times a day depending on what I'm wiping. I have not yet ventured into this territory because I haven't found the right ones I can print on yet. I keep my tea towels on the sink or hanging on the stove so I can grab them to wipe my hands after washing them while cooking. They generally stay pretty clean so you can buy a nicer quality that wouldn't necessarily wipe up a big mess. 

I also love, love, love them because they add a lot of color and style to your kitchen. As a designer, I love adding new items to my kitchen, especially ones that make me happy. I strive to not only create useful home goods but to also create a collection that will look great together, with colors that are bright and fun, but also say something about you, and your taste. I love many of the classic patterns that I have in my home, but I also strive to create new patterns that will hopefully become classic as well. Some people say my style feels scandinavian, which is a huge compliment. I like to keep things orderly  but also know that when it comes to color, having two things next to each other of different colors adds the same amount of style as having one very colorful piece. I kind of think of all of my textiles and designs as little bits of art for your everyday use. 

I also try to grow some of my own veggies, with help from my husband and kids. We try to eat organic and shop at farmers markets whenever possible. I take the same care when creating my textiles in conjunction with the food that will also be in a kitchen. I love it when all of the colors come together and the food and towels just seem to make each other look and feel fresh and great. 

My towels currently come in different materials and sizes and I am adding new ones all the time as I continue to experiment with what works best. Keep an eye out for not only the designs you like but also some of the material choices. If you have any recommendations or comments please chime in, think of me as your own personal designer, because I am making things for you! 

MS Book, I picked it up at my local used bookstore

bloom towel in sky

my tomatoes & herbs from my little garden 






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