Kitchen Renovation

Rehab project of my home in Chicago with husband Matt Beaton

Over the past six years we have been studying typical Chicago house floor plans. We wanted to make the most of a small space and we had several rooms that had no natural light exposure. Our solution was to move the kitchen into the "dark" part of the house and open it up to the back allowing for natural light. In the process, we also created a family room, creating a larger feeling, naturally lit home.

No kitchen is complete without Mrs Meyers soap

After much deliberation we opted for the kohler undermount sink. It has a great short divider so you can wash pans across the entire sink!  You can click the link above to see the model we got. The light is from etsy, I bought it on a shop and had our contractor paint it the same color as the wall and door.


The whole design was honestly completed with our hook wall. Living in a relatively small space in the city we had major issues with us and our kids just dumping our coats and backpacks on the floor etc...We would lose homework and it was just cluttering up our routine. We designed in a wall and used pine wainscoting to be durable enough for our daily lives. It has created a backbone of organization that has organized our daily routine.

My husband and I are huge fans of Ikea cabinets. We always order our cabinets as Nexus birch base with white akrum fronts. I didn't get the pulls at Ikea (even though the sell similar ones) I got them at Studio 41 in Chicago. The thing that makes these pulls different is the upper pulls. They have a style that is really small unlike the ikea version.


This is the most basic IKEA faucet but I kind of love it. You can pull out the faucet to spray down the sink. My favorite part of our whole renovation is our window sill and shelf. We used the remains of Kimball Ave. Church here in Logan Square. This 120 year old church was damaged when the boiler broke and had to be taken down. We know the pastor at the church, he is a dear friend so when we used his wood in our house it added a little bit of his historic building back into our modern design.

I bought the work bench table in Michigan at a wonderful store called sojourn. I bought the red metal stools (which are counter height) at west elm. The stools were on clearance so I don't think they sell them anymore but I absolutely love them. The green stool, I picked up at an antique store on the side of the highway in Michigan too.

Our countertop was the single hardest decision we had to make! We wanted to get london grey in cesarstone but ended up getting dreamy marfil and I absolutely LOVE it. All of my other doo dads in the kitchen came from my years of collecting things at either antique stores, crate and barrel, home stores and what not. I love collecting colorful mid century items like tea pots and candle holders.

My green pantry door with the dark paint is my favorite thing. When we started the renovation, I wanted to keep some of our old doors, because I love them, but my husband hated them. The only reason I won this one was because we were out of money and he caved! This door was repainted and restored by our contractor to be used here. I also love the prints that are hanging on the wall that my friend eliza rosen created.

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All photos were taken by me (Alyson Beaton)

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