Hook Walls Are the Best

I am a HUGE fan of hooks, it is probably because I am too lazy to mess with hangers and let's face it what can't go on a hook? So I use them in all of my rooms in some way shape or form. When we first moved into our new house, we have a laundry room off the garage that you walk through into the house. I thought this would be the perfect place for some hooks. In my last house I had a similar feature that allowed us a hook wall along the basement stairs that were also on the way out the door. Here are a few hook walls I have in my library:  This is the hook wall in my laundry room, it is probably the most inexpensive hook wall you can do costing me all of $10 I used a piece of solid wood flat trim and some hooks for $0.88 a piece from home depot. I painted the wood the same color as the wall "silverplate" by sherwin williams.

The hook wall from my last house along the basement stairs.The paint color is "garden spot" by sherwin williams This wall is featuring some totes and bags from my collection: the backpack is by soyoung the tote is by out of print bags  This is one little knob hook in the kitchen, I bought them at the container store and they are super easy to screw into the wall.  I also used these hooks in the entryway to create a simple hanging system for guests bags and such.

August 08, 2016 7 tags (show)