Cozy Breakfast

I don't know why but I love dark walls with green. My new obsession for what I am making is with green and blue. For a little while, I am not using red, which for me is kind of a big deal. I have always been drawn to red, maybe because it is so bold and says so much about your level of confidence but, with my new stuff, and brand shift, I am am all about green. I have always loved green and dark grey together and used the color scheme in my last home renovation.

I created this cozy breakfast scene with a light that I cobbled together from pieces that I found at a city wide garage sale, natural hooks from the container store and of course chamomile in a vase from another local shop. I am always on the hunt for cool vintage pieces that A. don't cost very much and B. add some history and love to the space.

my table setting includes pieces from Crate and Barrel and of course handmade bread by my brother-in-law, Doug (thank you).



February 15, 2017 4 tags (show)