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It is one of Lille Huset Shop’s advocacies to make little children’s wishes come true. An organization reached out to us if we could sponsor the dollhouses to be given as gifts to sick children. And of course, we were up to the task. We want nothing more than to put a smile on those little children’s faces and to relieve them from their illnesses even for just a while. Our team made special dollhouses for those lovely children in the hospital. We also contacted our business partner if they could provide dolls and toys for them and they also agreed wholeheartedly. We were so excited about our outreach project. This would be our Christmas present to the little kids who were spending their holidays in the hospital. We know that they would rather be outside the halls of the hospitals but we hope that our simple gifts would cheer them up during this holiday season. During the hospital’s Christmas party at the children’s ward, we got to give them our presents. Their lovely faces lit up with joy. Nothing can compare to the happiness on their little faces. It was their gift to us. Seeing them happy makes our hearts glad and rejoice. We felt very blessed to be able to give joy to the little children. We hope that our little tokens would lift their spirits and help them on their way to recovery.

Lille Huset Shop is doing our best to make little children’s wishes come true. This includes little children who cannot afford to buy our dollhouses and those who are sick in the hospitals. For those who would like to donate money or sponsor dollhouses for the little children, you can get in touch with us at dreams . Together, let us put a smile on the little children’s faces because that is what childhood should be all about.