toy-3263197_1920 | Lille Huset Shop | KIDS AND THEIR DREAM HOUSES

We make dollhouses according to our own imagination. But we were also curious about the children’s concept of a dream house – a house that is not for their dolls or other toys but for themselves and their families. So, in one event that we went to, we asked the children to draw their dream houses. Armed with their coloring materials, they all got serious in drawing the house that they want to live in. It is really interesting to know a child’s concept of an ideal house. Some of them want to live in simple houses while others want to live in multi-level structures. But they all want their homes to be colorful. They colored their houses red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and violet. They also want to be close to nature – with trees, plants, flowers, birds, and their beloved pets all over the place. The surroundings are clean and project an image of a safe place for them to stay and play with other children. It should also be spacious with playgrounds and parks so that they are free to play and have fun whenever they want to. The houses that they drew were big because they said that there should be sufficient room for each member of the family and with a space where they can play and have fun even inside the house. Some elaborated on which appliances they want to have such as television sets, computers, air conditioning units, and speakers. Some want to have their swimming pools. They also drew cars parked in their garage. Most of all, they drew their families living comfortably inside the house. All of these pictures reflect how much they want to live in a house and community where they can be free to enjoy life under the sun – with all of their love ones.